Life is a journey, I believe, but still find it a bit hard to wait through it, waiting is not at all easy, it needs a lot of patience and toughing up, to be able to stand to all and everything that might face you through this journey.

You might lose a battle, but never give up the war, the war never ends. That sounds a bit harsh, talking about life, but to be honest, it is the most accurate thing you can compare it with . You should never give up, no matter how much you want to/feel that it’s never going to change.

I went from being a med student to nothing, totally nothing, I had to take up different jobs, that had no relation to what I have studied, just to get through. I taught English and math, I washed dishes, I wrote articles ( which was the best job I got), I even managed one of the biggest (actually the biggest and most known) arabic website, about tech and science.

To get here from nothing is a lot, still I know I might lose it all at one day, but it´s okay, whatever happens : it´s gonna be okay.

I haven’t had a family for five years, now I moved to another place, I rented a one-room flat, but what I got was much, much, much more. I got a family, a mother, a sister, a brother, a father and even a grandmother! How amazing it is to find some people like those who I found in this time in Germany? When all people tell you that it´s going worse for the new people coming here, still I found one of the best family, they helped me with everything I had to deal with, from getting my flat ready to study for exams and getting around in the new small city I moved to.

Then I applied for a training in neurology and got accepted! I applied for the exams to get recognised as a doctor in Germany, it takes a long time (almost 18 months) but I passed the first one! Now I can get the title “Assistenzarzt”, a doctor in training to be a neurologist!

I couldn’t believe it, what I have dreamed in 2007 is true, it took me a lot of work, travel, tears, being homeless for few weeks, but still, I am here, I have a family, someone who loves me and I love back, I still didn’t see my actual family for four years, but I might be able to achieve that soon too!

I am excited for the new life and experiences that I am going to face. I am gonna have my “own” patients soon, And waiting for the next chapter!


Hope, Regret and more

I’m 27 years old now.

It’s scary age in this fast, non-stop developing world. I’ve been traveling the world for the last 5 years, well “traveling the world” seems big, lovely, happy and exciting words! Actually they are not.

In the last couple of years, I was in Asia, Africa and now Europe, I’ve moved in more than 50 houses, I never felt home.

It’s not easy, you see. I’ve studied medicine, which was my dream: study medicine, go into neurology, make uncle Sacks proud.

Sacks died, I didn’t get to complete my studies in Syria, I stopped studying, because at the time, no college accepted me, for a year, a whole year, with nothing to do.

I did nothing in that year, I was depressed, devastated, helpless, alone, lonely. I wanted to change every thing, I even thought of applying to journalism school instead.

It was dangerous, it was sad and ugly, I would have thrown everything behind, just to live, I really wanted only to live, nothing more, no news, no dead bodies, no politics.

I don’t want to see my friends’ dead bodies, I don’t want to hear the cries of their mothers, I don’t want to hold the phone, listening, not being able to answer. Not a word.

Death, the silent thief, well..it wasn’t so silent there..back home.

All my life was in a small bag, collection of clothes, books and papers, this is how I lived, this is how I traveled.

I went to Tripoli, in hope of getting back to medicine, I went to another war zone, there I found old friends, and yes, old means old as in age and old as in ..really old friends.

There I found my father’s colleagues, their sons are old enough, one of them is already a doctor, the other is in his fifth year, just like me. I even got the chance to attend the eldest’s wedding, and participate in the wedding ceremony. I was what the Libyans call “ The Perfume bearer”.

I worked in Tripoli’s hospitals for 33 days, I can’t forget one of them. It was horrible, lovely, and sad. I remembered my childhood, I found friends again.

I moved back to the UAE, then again to Egypt, seeking the chance, the mere chance of completing my studies, and there, there after two years, I found my chance. It was Tanta University, where I studied and worked to get my degree.

Now I am: MBBCh. holder.

I moved to Germany, I still haven’t done much, five months passed, many in this time would’ve gotten a job or at least a clinical attachment. However, I didn’t.

Regret is nothing but the acknowledgment of our failures. Hope sometimes can be a failure itself. I have not seen my family in four years, I haven’t become what I wanted to be, a neurologist, I haven’t done anything worth mentioning in my life…yet.

I am moderating now one of the biggest Arabic website, in science and technology. Maybe that’s something ..good? I don’t know.

I just hope I can change something through my work, let more people get interested in science and just give them a bit of ..enthusiasm to be something different in this ugly red world.

I told someone “Never regret anything, but the things that hurt others”.
I am not 100% sure about that, but it’s a good way to live anyway.

Even though I got drifted away, from my self and my dreams, but I still believe that just being able to consider everything one has gone through, is really a great chance to learn from mistakes, and perhaps one day, to overcome them.


Podcasts I listen to

In the new age of media, there are many sources to take your daily info from, what do you think about #podcasts? do you like listening to them ? are you an audio person like me ?
Those are my favorite podcasts, can you add yours too please in a comment !

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When would we stop killing each others?

The Arab world, the birth place of many devils and angels, religions and gods, the place where now you can find the cruelest images of war and discrimination, why you might ask? why are those very same people who call for what they say is “the religion of peace” also do the most kind of harm to each other in the first place and to other people and religions next?

Well the answer is quite amazing, it’s those people are fighting to protect , not their Gods, but their ideologies and their political leaders and economical trades. Yes, it’s not theology here, it’s idiology, politics and economy that make the wars in this place, yet the people behind the curtains use “religion” in a way to control the masses and move it against each others.

The person called “Ahmed Shugairi” is a rare person to find, he is what you can call, a good-seer or something! Shugairi did this program called “Khawater” for 11 years, trying hopefully to change the ideas and the way the eastern world think, did he really succeed? did he find the problem that we, Arabs in general, and Muslims of the Middle East, are victims of?

I don’t think so, he did a lot of good work, showing us the other picture of the world, and showing the world the other picture of us, He made some terrible comments sometimes, but most of the times his words were really really carefully chosen and tried to make us “better”.

I say to him, farewell in your last season, and sadly this world that you wanted to change, the eastern world, will not change in an easy way, there will be blood, sweat and a lot of tears.

You can watch his latest episode, today, on Youtube and here is a link for You.